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Laser Welding


Our jewelry shop offers every type of breath-taking jewelry and treasured accessory. We can repair just about anytihng . From missing stones to broken links we do all repairs on rings , necklaces , earrings and  watches .

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Prior to laser welding technology all jewelry had to be repaired using a flaming hot jewelers torch. Well this caused quite a bit of problems for jewelry that had heat sensitive gemstones, such as emeralds, opals, pearls, garnets and just about everything else other than diamonds, rubies and sapphires. We used to have to remove all those stones first, which in most cases would either ruin the item or at least make it very cost prohibitive. Most platinum jewelry had to be repaired using a high karat gold instead of platinum as not to burn the diamonds. But what used to be impossible is now possible. With the laser welder, we can repair almost anything. The repair is twice as strong and in the case of platinum, there is no other way to get a weld that is as good. We believe wholeheartedly in standing behind what we sell and the expert services that we provide.

How our laser welding work

You could observe how laser actually works.

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